How do I remove blackheads with Clara?

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1 / Hold the power/ suction strength button for 4 seconds to turn the device on, or till the spiral symbol appears on the screen.
2 / Use the hot compress before extraction to dilate and stretch the pores. Click here to learn how to choose the hot compress.
3 / Select one of the 8 tips. You can add the silicone tip to the small suction tips if you have sensitive skin for a gentler experience.
4 / Press the power/ suction strength button again to turn on the suction, and each time you want to increase the suction strength, Level 1 being the lowest strength intensity, and Level 5 being the strongest.
5 / Start at Level 1 and only increase the level intensity after a few sessions as your skin becomes more used to the therapy.
6 / Combine your suction treatment with any of the three light therapy options. Click here to learn about the options.
7 / Use the cold compress after extraction to shrink and tighten the pores. Click here to learn how to choose the cold compress.
8 / Press and hold the power/ suction strength button to shut off the device when you are done with the treatment/ session.

TIP: Refer to the instructions manual on the directions of how to glide the Clara across the skin.

Sep 24, 2021

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