When do I use the HOT and COLD compress on the Clara?

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Using the mode selection button, select hot compress mode before extraction to dilate and stretch the pores, so that blackheads/ debris are softened for easier extraction. The device itself will get hot in compression mode, hence please do not run on this mode for longer than 30 minutes each session. Gently glide the compression plate across your entire face and neck. Be careful not to leave the device while on the hot treatment option in one position for too long on your skin, in order to avoid a rash or burn.

After extraction, use the mode selection button to select cold compress mode to shrink and tighten your pores as well as reduce redness. Pro tip: apply your favourite skincare products with the cold compress post-treatment for a relaxing, spa-worthy moment.

To ensure the safety in applying the hot and/or cold plate on your skin, when in hot compress mode, the device auto shuts off after 15 minutes of use, and when in cold compress mode, the device auto shuts off after 3 minutes of use.

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