How many treatment settings are there on Rivo?

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Choose between six different warm and cool treatments to achieve your desired steam combination.

1 / The Cool Down: This cool mist (only) setting tightens and shrinks pores while locking in the nano-sized water particles. Helps combat dry skin, itchiness, and flakiness. Use for a maximum of 30 minutes.

2 /  The Warm Up: This warm steam (only) setting increases blood and oxygen circulation to the skin cells and opens up pores. Helps in deep cleansing and removal of dirt, makeup residue, and bacteria. Use for a maximum of 30 minutes.

3 / Tone and Tighten: Alternate between hot steam and cool mist to open and close pores. Helps in loosening impurities, and locking in moisture for brighter and healthier-looking skin. Auto-off after 20 minutes of usage (toggles between sets of warm steam and cool mist cycles, i.e. total of 9 minutes of warm + 11 minutes of cool).

4 / Hydrate and Glow: The warm steam will flush your skin with relaxing nano water particles while the quick one-minute blasts of cool mist will reduce redness, lock in that moisture and tighten your pores. Auto-off after 15 minutes of usage (toggles between three sets of warm steam / cool mist cycles, i.e. total of 12 minutes of warm + 3 minutes of cool).

5 / Skin Workout: Restore elasticity and brightness. Great for oily skin as the cool mist blasts are longer to help reduce inflammation and the appearance of large pores. Auto-off after 17 minutes of usage (toggles between sets of warm steam and cool mist cycles, i.e. total of 11 minutes of warm + 6 minutes of cool).

6 / Pore Cleansing: Use for a quick 4-minute warm facial steam to target whiteheads and blackheads by softening them, making extraction much more effective. Use for a maximum of 4 minutes.

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