How do I use the UV Light Dryer?

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The built-in UV Nail Dryer is conveniently located on the storage stand. If you’re applying Gel polish:

1. Turn the UV light on by flipping the stand upside down and locating the small power button (near the battery compartment). Press to turn it on. 

2. Put the UV light on a flat surface ‘upside-down’, so the attachments are showing and it creates a dome-like entrance for your finger/toe.


3. Apply a thin coat of Gel polish to each nail, one hand at a time.

4. Place your finger/toe underneath the UV light. The UV nail dryer is designed to dry nail polish quickly, we recommend waiting for 30 - 60 seconds per nail

5. Apply a thin second coat and repeat the same steps.

6. When you’re finished with the UV light, switch it off by pressing the power button.

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