How do I use my Remi?

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1 / Ensure Remi is clean and dry. Tie back any loose hair if you’re planning to use Remi on your face.

2 / Apply your favourite body lotion/ moisturizer/ oil to the part of your body you’d like to massage. This prevents any pulling or stretching of the skin.

3 / Hold the handle and gently roll Remi back and forth over the area you are massaging. Apply the right amount of pressure that feels comfortable for you. Don’t press too hard as you may accidentally injure your skin.

4 / The Rose Quartz stone is perfect for massaging acupressure points located on your hands and wrists. It can also be used to gently massage sensitive areas such as your eyes and temples. Use the Rose Quartz stone while it’s cold to help with puffiness under the eyes. You can unscrew the stone at the handle and keep it in the fridge.

5 / Massage each area for 30 seconds. Remi comes with an instructions manual which illustrates where to use it on your face/ neck.

6 / When you are finished using Remi, wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it air dry before putting it away in your vanity storage, drawer or cupboard.

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