How do I turn my Mynt on?

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To start using, please follow these steps:

1. Ensure 2 AAA batteries (not included) have been inserted into the precision handle and the plastic insulator tab has been removed from UV stand.

2. Choose your first attachment. The attachments are located underneath the UV Stand.

3. Push the first attachment firmly into the top of the precision handle until you hear a click.

4. Use the switch on the front to turn the power on and off.

5. We suggest using the attachments in this order: Sandpaper Head, Fine Grinder, Tapered Head, Smoothing Buffer, and finally the Felt Buffer. For directions on how to use them please refer to this article.

6. If you need to use the UV light, turn the stand upside down and press the UV light ON/OFF button to start.

7. Ensure the power is off when you’re not using the device.

8. Store all the attachments conveniently underneath the UV stand after each use.

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