How do I set up the Rivo?

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1 / Take out the water tank located at the back of the facial steamer.
2 / Open the water tank and add distilled or purified water up to the fill line. Do not overfill.
3 / Securely seal up the water tank plug and place it back into the steamer.
4 / Plug Rivo into a reliable power source away from open water.
5 / To use the aromatherapy feature, take out the aromatherapy basket. Remove the cover, and add 3-7 drops of your favourite essential oil (water-soluble), fruit, tea, herbs or a combo, into the basket. Place back the essential oil basket into the top of the steamer, and ensure that you place the cover back.

IMPORTANT: Use only water soluble essential oils with the Rivo, as the oils dissolve with the water, thus producing more gentle and effective results. Pure essential oils will float on the water’s surface in concentrated droplets.

TIP: For first-time use, allow the Rivo to run for a while until the steam is clear of any scent.

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