How do I open the battery compartment of my Mynt?

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Here are the steps to access the battery compartment of the:

Precision Handle

On the back of the precision handle, you will see an arrow ( ↱ ) and a circle ( ● ), and a line (┃) underneath.

● + ┃ = locked

↱ +┃ = unlocked

1 / To remove the battery compartment, turn the handle to the left, so that the line is at the start of the arrow.

2 / Insert x2 AAA batteries (not included), paying special attention to the orientation.

3 / Replace the handle and firmly twist until you feel a click and the circle and line are lined up again.

UV Stand

Turn the UV Stand upside down and open the battery compartment by pulling the tab. Remove the clear plastic insulator from the batteries and replace the cover (push until you hear it click).

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