How do I clean Cali? 

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1 / Use a dry clean cloth to wipe down the exterior of the device. Note: Do not submerge device in water, as Cali is not waterproof.
2 / Twist the ring piece off in counterclockwise motion and empty the debris over the sink or garbage bin.
3 / Give the quartz stones a good shake to remove debris that might get stuck deep within.
4 / Remove the quartz heads, ring piece and foam filter from device, and give them a good rinse under fast-flowing warm water after use.
5/ Wipe the ring piece dry, and wring the foam filter.
6 / As the interior of the quartz heads stays damp for a while, you can speed up its drying process by placing the quartz heads in an airing cupboard or use a hairdryer.
7 / Essentially, leave all parts including the ring piece and foam filter outside of your bathroom, before storing everything away with the Cali.

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