What are the benefits of using the Aeva?

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Aeva is amazing for detoxing, lifting and smoothing the skin. Aeva has two different size rollers to fit into the contours of your face. When used simultaneously, they help firm the skin texture through gentle massage. They also aid in detoxing the skin through the lymphatic system, which flushes out congestion and swelling.

The Rose Quartz stones on the Aeva are best known for its wrinkle-reducing benefits, and the ability to soothe skin while keeping its naturally cool temperature. It’s especially ideal for inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea because it's so cooling.

As the Rose Quartz is naturally a non-porous stone, it can be used to massage skincare products into the face and neck, helping them absorb better and leaving the skin looking smoother, more contoured, and dewy.

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